Georgia Special Needs Scholarship

In May 2007, the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Act known as SB-10 was signed into law. Covenant Christian Academy is an approved participating school in this voucher program.

How do I determine whether or not a student qualifies?
For information on whether or not a student qualifies for the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship, please visit the GA DOE website and check via the student eligibility calculator.

What accomodations does Covenant Christian Academy provide for students receiving this Scholarship?
Accommodations are not made for students receiving the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship at Covenant Christian Academy. All students are required to complete the same work. However, Covenant Christian Academy provides a loving Christian environment with small class sizes that allow for students to be more successful in their calling as a student.

I have more questions. Who do I contact at Covenant Christian Academy to learn more?
For more information on Covenant Christian Academy’s participation in the Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program, please email Headmaster John Baskam or call the school at 770-674-2990.