Covenant Christian Academy Faculty and Administration

Headmaster Dr. Johnathan Arnold
Principal Dr. Steve Kennedy
Director of Advancement Mr. James Friday
Director of Athletics Mr. John Baskam
Director of Curriculum and Student Services Mr. Brian Priest
Director of Enrollment Services Mrs. Carolyn Zauche
Director of Facilities Mr. Karl Cieslewicz
Director of Guidance Mrs. Jennifer Marietta
Director of Business Services Mrs. Kari Wheeler
Elementary School
K4 Mrs. Rachel Medcalf
K5 Mrs. Malinda Johnson
1st Grade Miss Hannah Rhodes
2nd Grade Mrs. Becky Greninger
3rd Grade Mrs. Christy Mosher
4th Grade Miss Deborah Peele
5th Grade Mrs. Katrina Wingertsahn
6th Grade Mr. Scott Mosher and Mrs. Jennifer Marietta
K4-6th Teacher Assistant Mrs. Kari Wheeler
Elementary School Fine Arts / Extra Curricular
K4-6th Art Mrs. Amber Friday
K4-6th Chapel Mr. James Friday
K4-6th Chapel Music Miss Deborah Peele
K4-6th Enrichment Mrs. Lori Schoessler
K4-6th Music Mrs. Alicia Bond
K4-6th Physical Education Mrs. Lori Schoessler
Middle School – 7th Grade
Bible Mr. James Friday
English Mr. John Baskam
History (World) Mrs. Chanel Moore
Math Mrs. Jennifer Marietta
Science (Life) Ms. Terri Lee Perry
Study Hall / Technology Mrs. Vivian Tognarina
Art (TH) Mrs. Amber Friday
Health (TU/FR) Mrs. Lori Schoessler
Music (M) Mrs. Alicia Bond
Middle School – 8th Grade
Bible Mr. James Friday
English Mrs. Leanne Gentry
History (Georgia) Mr. Scott Mosher
History (World Geography) Mrs. Jennifer Marietta
Math Mr. Brian Priest
Science (Earth and Space) Ms. Terri Lee Perry
Study Hall/Technology Mrs. Vivian Tognarina
High School – BIBLE
Church History, Christian Doctrine Mr. Brian Priest
New Testament, Apologetics Mr. James Friday
High School – ENGLISH
Freshman English, Sophomore English, AP English Language, British Literature Mr. John Baskam
American Literature Mrs. Leanne Gentry
AP English Literature Dr. Steve Kennedy
Physical Education, Health Mrs. Lori Schoessler
Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3 Mrs. Chanel Moore
HS Fine Arts Mrs. Rachel Medcalf
High School – HISTORY
World History, AP Government, Economics Mrs. Chanel Moore
US History Mr. Scott Mosher
AP US History Mrs. Amber Friday
High School – MATH
Algebra 1, Alegbra 2 Mrs. Jennifer Marietta
Pre-Calculus Mr. Brian Priest
Geometry, Advanced Math, AP Calculus AB Mrs. Leanne Gentry
High School – SCIENCE
Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, AP Environmental Science Ms. Terri Lee Perry
Physics Mrs. Leanne Gentry
Middle and High School Extra-Curriculars
Covenant Christian Student Association Mr. James Friday
MS / HS Chapel Mr. James Friday
MS / HS Chapel Music Ministry Mrs. Vivian Tognarina
GACS Fine Arts Mrs. Vivian Tognarina
Yearbook Mrs. Amber Friday
Fall Sports
Middle School Girls Volleyball Mr. Brian Priest
Varsity Girls Volleyball Mrs. Tanya Magnon
Varsity Boys Soccer Mr. James Friday
Winter Sports
Middle School Girls Basketball TBD
Middle School Boys Basketball Mr. Tim Barton
Varsity Girls Basketball Mrs. Chanel Moore
Varsity Boys Basketball Mr. Paul Huyghebaert
Spring Sports
Varsity Girls Soccer Mr. Brian Priest
Varsity Boys Baseball Mr. James Friday