Core Academics

Taking Every Thought Captive
The courses at Covenant Christian Academy have been developed to stimulate and expand our students’ minds. Covenant believes that God commands us to “take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5). Because we know that our students are rational people made in the image of God, we believe they have great intellectual potential. Therefore, Covenant offers constant challenge and encouragement to increase in knowledge and wisdom.

One of the most precious tools people acquire is the ability to read well. Readers are leaders. Beginning in Kindergarten, we use multi-sensory reading material that provides intensive phonic instruction. Students are taught to “see, hear, say, and write,” which emphasizes the early development of listening skills.
These phonetically-trained children are better, more independent readers than children who are taught to read with any other method. As students advance, their reading material becomes increasingly challenging. By the high school level, students are well versed in a broad cross-section of English and American literature.

Our reading program includes grammar, vocabulary development, spelling, creative writing, and formal composition across the curriculum. The ability to express thought with clarity and truth is a valuable tool that brings rewards throughout life.

From the earliest grades, we use the D’Nealian method of penmanship to stress the correct formation of all pre-cursive and cursive forms.

God’s order and the uniformity of His creation are evident in the exact science of arithmetic. Our math program puts emphasis on instant recall of arithmetic tables and mastery of basic computations, especially through the use of word problems. Saxon’s incremental method allows students to progress smoothly into higher math such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

We place much emphasis on the study of God’s physical creation. Such investigation aids the student in glorifying God as the wise Architect of this world. Our science curriculum includes formal textbook study as well as hands-on investigation in our science lab.

We teach that history is the story of God’s providence in the progressive extension of His kingdom on earth. History is therefore taught with purpose and hope. Included in our history program is the study of geography, civics, world history, U.S. history, government, and economics.

Although we integrate the Bible into the core of every subject, we also set aside an entire class period at every grade level to teach the Bible. In the six years of elementary school, the entire Bible is surveyed twice. Then, beginning in the seventh grade, the Bible is studied topically for two years.

In high school, Bible class allows the students the opportunity to analyze their lives and their culture from a sound theological perspective. In addition, high school students learn hermeneutics – how to correctly interpret the Bible – and apologetics – how to defend their faith. We expect all students to take the Bible seriously, to love it, and to know how to apply it to their everyday lives.