Christian Values…Respect for One Another
By insisting upon modesty and dignity in our students’ appearance, we ensure that our students will communicate Christian values and respect for one another.
Our approach to the social development of our student body has implications for our approach to school discipline. We believe that the school must never usurp the parents’ primary role in discipline. Rather, we believe that the school should work with parents to teach, reprove, correct, and instruct children in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16).

We believe that the students’ ability to relate to one another is essential to the Christian’s mission to the world. Before we can minister to the world, we first must be willing to serve one another, work with one another, and show willing hospitality.

We strive to set a high standard in moral conduct. Because this standard is reflected in a student’s grooming and personal appearance, we have established a uniform dress code. The uniform encourages students to look their best: crisp, clean, conservative, and classic.

Christian Behavior
We assume that all students are members of Christian homes. Therefore, they are expected to develop the following traits in their behavior:

Christian students are worshippers. Worship is a way of life for the believer, and true worship demands the fear of God and God -appointed authority. Students at Covenant are expected to demonstrate quick and cheerful obedience to parents, teachers, and school regulations.

Self Discipline
Christian students are disciples. A disciple hears and follows. He has self-control over his mind, heart, and body. Covenant expects all students to accept personal responsibility for prompt attendance and completed assignments.

Christian students are image-bearers of God. They will maintain cleanliness in person and property. They will maintain morally excellent conduct in respect to recreation, social relationships, and language.

Christian students are stewards. They will demonstrate respect for the property of the school and other people. Christian students are light-bearers. They will exhibit truthfulness and honesty in work and life.

Christian students are peacemakers. They will cooperate with others in working and playing, demonstrating courtesy and respect for others.

Our Method of Discipline
A Christian school is not characterized by the absence of behavioral problems, but by the way it deals with these problems. All discipline at Covenant is given in love and in cooperation with the home. The focus of all of our disciplinary measures is to lead students away from the sinful activity, teach them to trust in Christ, and encourage self-discipline from the heart.