Last October Covenant Christian Academy celebrated our first-ever Science Expo, and what a tremendous success! Amazing projects by our elementary students filled the gym – about the color spectrum, blood flow, genetics, cotton candy, and more. In addition, several experts presented on topics such as drones and pharmaceuticals. High school students provided help in the Science Lab and several other ways. The evening’s excitement culminated at the catapult with pumpkin launching!

This event was both a wonderful learning experience and also a fun community-builder – because of the important work of our Parent Planning Team. This October 18 we aim to make the 2nd Science Expo even better! Led by our Co-Chairs Kristen DeBoard and Katrina Wingertsahn, the team is already working hard to make that happen.

Two current and important needs:

  • More parent volunteers for the team. There is still important work to be done with décor, communication, planning, facilities, etc. Please contact me or one of the co-chairs for more information if you are interested in helping!
  • Additional adult presenters at the Expo – we’d like to add several more demonstrations about a wide variety of topics. There are so many possibilities! If you have a topic to present or if you know of someone else who could present, please let me know.