A = 90-100 (4 points)

B = 80-89 (3 points)

C = 70-79 (2 points)

Below Average
D = 60-69 (1 points)

F = below 60 (0 points)

AP Classes: All AP classes are graded on a 5.0 scale.

Graduation Requirements
We follow a split semester system, two eighteen-week semesters per year divided into nine week quarters.

Two semesters constitute one academic unit. All high school students are required to earn twenty-three academic units in order to graduate. These must include the following minimum: Bible (4 units), English (4 units), History (3 units), Math (4 units), Science (4 units), Foreign Language (2 consecutive units of the same language), Fine Arts (1 unit), and Physical Education/Health (1 unit).