You have a choice regarding where your Georgia taxes are spent!

Pay income taxes to the state of Georgia and let the government decide where to spend all of them,


Make a donation to Covenant Christian Academy to provide scholarships to low and middle income families who would like their children to attend CCA. You’ll receive a tax credit back for the full donation amount, and be supporting Christian education in Georgia.

How much of your Georgia taxes can you re-direct to CCA in 2013?
Individuals – up to $1,000
Married Couples filing jointly – up to $2,500
Married Couples filing separately – up to $1,250 each
“C” Corporations – up to 75% of your Georgia income tax liability

In order to ensure that your tax credit is processed while there are still funds availabl from GADOR, please complete the two forms and mail them and your donation check to GASSO before April 15, 2013!

Here’s how to re-direct some of your Georgia taxes to CCA scholarships:
GASSO Scholarship Donation Instructions

  1. Complete Georgia Form IT-QEE-TP1 (Form 10)
    • Fill in all sections of the 2013 Pre-Approval Form except Section D which is for GA Dept. of Revenue only.
    • Please do not mail this form to the GA Department of Revenue as directed on Page 2.
    • Please check that “Georgia SSO Inc.” is printed in the spaces for question A #3!
  2. Complete the GASSO Donor Recommendation Form
  3. MAIL BOTH completed forms AND a donation check made out to GASSO, Inc. TO:

    GASSO, Inc.
    P.O. Box 1752
    Cumming, GA 30028

GASSO will then do all of the following:

  • electronically file the approval form with the GA Department of Revenue
  • track and receive the approval from the GA DOR
  • send approved donors all documents the donor will need to submit with their GA income tax return to receive the dollar-for-dollar credit off their Georgia income taxes
  • inform the school when the donation is available for scholarship awards

Thank you for donating to Covenant Christian Academy’s student scholarship funds!

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